Robert "Bob" Kelso

Secretary & Officers Coach 2006

Stated meetinig of Temple Lodge April 5th, 2006 Meeting called to Order at 8:00 pm PDT... Pledge to the American Flag... Minutes from last stated meeting and subsequent meeting were read and approved... Bills were read an approved... Dave Reber gave a report from the Education Committee. The Teacher of the Year ceremony will be in late May. The teacher has not beem selected yet... The Master announced that the Inspectors visit will be at the May 3rd. meeting... The Master commented on the success of the March 18th dinner... The Master announced that the final round for the 3rd degree 2nd section compitition would be on August 26th, 2006... The Master reminded the lodge of the August 20th picnic date... The master warned the Officers about the consequences of not going to the School of Instruction on April 26th.,and informed the Lodge that he could not attend the April 26th School of Instruction... The Master informed the Lodge that Temple #14 is responsible for doing the second section of the 2nd degree at the June 28th School of Instruction... It was moved and seconded that Dave Reber should investigate the possibility of finding a garbage disposal and a higher capacity dishwasher for the Lodge.The project is not to exceed $1500... It was mentioned that the hot water timer needs to be modified to provide reliable hot water for dish washing... Jim Patrick reported on the Senior Warden Retreat that he attended... Resolutions of respect were read for Harold Wichol & Joe Cozzolino... The Master presented Doug Chambers with his 3rd degree trowel... Lodge closed on modified short form at 9:04 pm PDT ...

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